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wei's art and things
They’re wei too difficult to make.

Hey now, don’t get carried awei.

Anonymous: Hey Wei :) i was wondering how do you pronounce your name?

Like “way”.

Just don’t go out of your wei to make puns with my name. 

:D :D :D 

Anonymous: hey, I love your work. I'm thinking attending an art institute do you think it's a good idea. I'm really passionate about illustration.

Yes, definitely go for it! Passion is key. 


here’s a rough sketch for a drawing in my confessions series. 

still planning. still being indecisive. 

(i’ll get this series done soon eventually) 

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Anonymous: can ottersunday-tumblr-com/post/76558785447/envious-green-blue-palette be put as an iphone case? maybe without text? the face is beautiful :) xxxxxxxxxx

Just added! Cases and prints are available here

Cheers, wei. 

I handed in a project for school before taking a photo of the completed painting and now I have to wait a week before blogging it.

Art student/blogger problems.

obscurityyyy: Hello

yes hello hi hello 

(also, you are the first person to just say “hello” to me here thank you for that hello hello hello yes) 

my set up for the day 

(original drawing posted here and prints are available in my shop here

Anonymous: Have you ever drawn under the influence of drugs?